At BriTen Janitorial our mission is to enhance client relationships by PROMOTING workplace wellness and PROVIDING health focused viral remediation services.

BriTen Janitorial is family owned and operated by Brian and Tennille Williams.  They started BriTen Janitorial nearly 20 years ago and have since grown the business to over 40 employees, specializing in providing terminal and critical cleaning and infection prevention in both Georgia and South Carolina.  By following CDC guidelines, maintaining certifications in Infection Controls and Prevention, as well as being a member in good standing with APIC ( Association of Professional’s in Infection Control and Epidemiology), you can have peace of mind knowing that BriTen Janitorial will not only clean and sanitize your office space or commercial property, but that it will be disinfected as well.

BriTen Janitorial founded by Brian & Tennille Williams
BriTen Janitorial Cleaning method

Four key factors that make BriTen Janitorial superior to our franchise competitors:

  • BriTen Cleaning Method – This is what puts BriTen Janitorial levels above our franchise competitors. At BriTen Janitorial our most critical step is allowing our cleaning chemicals the proper dwell time. The BriTen Cleaning Method fully cleans and disinfects your area.
  • Cleaning Validation System – BriTen Janitorial uses Hygenia’s ATP cleaning verification system that evaluates the effectiveness of disinfectants, measures the performance of our employees, and ensures compliance with cleaning protocols.
  • Customer Service – BriTen Janitorial provides exceptional and responsive customer service. We request that you designate a specific representative to communicate any questions, concerns, or praise directly to ownership.
  • Employee Care – All the employees at BriTen Janitorial are a part of our family environment as we provide positive incentives to motivate them to their highest level of cleaning standards.

The BriTen Cleaning Method Provides The Peach of Mind You Deserve

While BriTen Janitorial embraces the “family owned and operated” business model, there is no project too big for our teams. We work expeditiously and efficiently with our clients to have their cleaning completed in the proper time frame they want.

BriTen Janitorial specializes in the following services:

  • Viral Remediation (neutralizing illness-causing pathogens in your commercial property)
  • Commercial Cleaning (we provide customized, professional cleaning solutions for your business)
  • Post-Construction Cleaning (deep cleaning after construction removing dust, dirt and debris
BriTen Janitorial Cleaning Services