Running and maintaining an office building is a lot of work. When you take a moment to think about all of the different people you come and go all day every day, you can imagine all of the dirt and germs building up inside the office. Because office buildings normally have high traffic, it’s essential to keep up with proper cleaning.

The correct amount of office cleaning won’t only help keep the building looking professional and organized, but it’ll also help keep employees and everyone else inside happy and healthy. Office cleaning services are beneficial for this very reason. Unfortunately, taking on the task of cleaning an entire office on your own isn’t always ideal.

When you have an office cleaning service do the hard work for you, you can relax, focus on other things that need to get done and have peace of mind. Before you hire just any commercial cleaning business, you want to first ask a few important questions. In the guide below, you’ll learn exactly what questions to ask.

Here’s what you need to know!

1. Are Employees Screened?

Ask the company if they run background checks on their employees before hiring. To ensure all employees are capable of handling cleaning equipment and are free of criminal history, a background check/screening must be completed. A trustworthy team will consist of employees who have been screened and pass all levels of the screening.

A company that conducts screenings of its employees can give you added peace of mind. You’ll know that you have the best of the best cleaning your office building. You can also ask if the employees go through some type of training once hired.

2. How Many Years in Business?

The next question to ask is regarding the years of experience the building has. A cleaning service that’s been in business for several years tells you a few things. For one, they have experience.

They’ve been cleaning professionally for years and know what tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies to use. They know how to clean and what to clean. This information also tells you about their customer service.

A business with bad customer service usually won’t be in business for too long. If a company has been in business for years, then you should expect great customer service from them.

3. Do You Have Insurance?

Each state might require a different type of insurance for professional cleaning companies to have. Do make sure the company you choose has the proper insurance required by your state.

Why is having insurance so important?

If anything were to get damaged while the company’s cleaning your office, or if anyone were to become injured while in your office, you want there to be insurance to cover it all. Working with a company that doesn’t have insurance might offer a cheaper option, but it could cost you greatly in the long run.

Always choose a company that’s properly insured and certified.

4. Is There a Contract?

Signing a contract is something some business owners prefer while others don’t. Is a contract something you want to look into? You’ll need to ask the cleaning company if there’s a contract and if it’s required.

Before making a commitment, you should review the entire contract and ask any questions you may have. This way, there’s no room left for confusion or surprises. Some things to consider are how cleaning errors will be handled, a satisfaction guarantee, and more.

5. Do You Have a Quality Control Process?

quality control process is beneficial because it gives a company a way to stay on top of its business. If something isn’t being done correctly, how will they catch it and correct it? Be sure to ask what the quality control process looks like.

Some ways a company can execute a quality control system is to have a way of tracking all customer requests and ensuring they’re taken care of. They might also conduct regular inspections during hours when the team will be cleaning. Having a quality control process in place ensures an excellent office cleaning.

6. What Is Your Availability Schedule Like?

Don’t hesitate to ask about availability either. For example, you’ll most likely need the office cleaning to be done after hours. Having a team of professionals come in and clean the office while employees or customers are there won’t be ideal for many business owners.

For this reason, do be sure to ask about their availability schedule. At the same time, if they’re coming to clean after hours, how will they enter and secure the building when leaving? A reputable company will be able to answer all these questions for you and work with you to provide excellent cleaning services that fit your needs.

7. What Are Your Cleaning Rates?

One of the last things to ask about is the cleaning rate. What are their cleaning rates and fees? Do they offer different types of cleaning packages at different prices?

Are they offering competitive rates? Don’t let a company with too good to be true prices fool you. Although many cleaning services offer fair pricing, one with very low pricing might not offer the type of service you expect.

Take the price into consideration last after reviewing all other answers to these questions listed above. Once you narrow down your search to the top three, you can then use prices to find the best office cleaning service for you!

How Can Office Cleaning Services Help You?

Are you looking for professional office cleaning services to help your business stay clean and healthy? Review the information given above and then contact BriTen Janitorial for a free estimate.

We’ve been in business for many years, specializing in critical cleaning and infection prevention. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing your office space is cleaned and sanitized properly.