So your building has just undergone construction, and you’re ready to give your company a fresh start. Congratulations!

New construction and remodeling projects can leave dust, dirt, and debris in the facility. In fact, you may find such a mess that you’re unsure how anyone could possibly tackle it.

That’s where post-construction cleaning comes in. When clearing away the aftermath of a construction project seems time-consuming and hazardous, our team has the perfect cleaning method to help.

If you’ve ever wondered how professional cleaners manage to do the job right every time, we’re here to break down the process for you. Each post-construction cleaning project unfolds in multiple phases, and most buildings will require at least the first two. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from BriTen Janitorial’s expert services.

Rough Cleaning

The first step of our post-construction cleaning services is rough cleaning.

The amount of time and effort we put into this phase will depend on what your construction team has left behind. In some cases, post-construction buildings are in great condition, but in others, there will be a great deal of debris.

In almost all cases, you’ll find a lot of dust. Like most aspects of post-construction cleaning, this dust may seem harmless, but it can in fact be hazardous in some cases. Our professionals are experts when it comes to cleaning without creating airborne hazards.

Once the bulk of the dust is gone, our team will begin by removing large items from the building. This may include any and all of the following:

  • leftover construction materials
  • excess caulking
  • paint overspray
  • stray nails and screws
  • waste
  • hazardous substances
  • scuff marks and smudges

Usually, this also means removing anything that would prevent the floors from being swept, mopped, and vacuumed.

Once the floors are clear, our experts will scrub and clean them as needed to remove any dirt, dust, and mud. At this time, we may prepare surfaces for follow-up cleaning in the next step. We will also remove any tags, adhesives, and other labels that remain on the building materials.

In many cases, this rough cleaning is necessary to prepare your building for the fire marshal and architect’s post-construction walkthrough.

Final Cleaning

The next part of the post-construction cleaning process is the final cleaning. This step includes the last actions our team our team will take before presenting you with the finished clean project.

To do this, we carry out our specific BriTen Cleaning Method, which is designed to ensure an efficient and thorough cleanup from top to bottom. With this method, our post-construction cleaners will focus on parts of the building in a specific order:

  • Dusting the ceiling and cleaning ceiling fixtures like lights and vents
  • Scrubbing walls and cleaning wall fixtures
  • Cleaning the windows and window frames
  • Dusting and cleaning all cabinets and countertops
  • Cleaning patient or office equipment
  • Cleaning the doors
  • Cleaning and detailing the baseboards
  • Waxing, polishing, vacuuming, or buffing the floors

Though the list is long, our professionals understand the requirements of each task. This means working to choose the right cleaning mediums to cause no damage. It also means inspecting each detail with the utmost care.

Essentially, the final cleaning will tackle the fine details of the cleaning project, removing any lingering messes and imperfections the rough clean hasn’t addressed. From vacuuming and dusting to scrubbing and waxing, this step presents a finished project in which every surface shines. Once this step is complete, the space is considered move-in ready.

Terminal Cleaning

In some cases, your post-construction cleaning project will require one more step: terminal cleaning.

The phrase “terminal cleaning” refers to a specific type of deep cleaning used in healthcare environments. The goal of this type of cleaning is to prevent infections from spreading.

We always recommend terminal cleaning for medical facilities, as these buildings require deep cleaning for optimal patient health.

This is especially true if the cleaning project will tackle areas such as intensive care units and emergency rooms, where patient health is a major concern. However, it’s also standard practice in patient waiting areas and staff rooms within a medical facility. Keeping all of these areas hygienic can help reduce the spread of illness-inducing germs and bacteria.

Because terminal cleaning affects patients’ well-being, it’s important to work with a company that understands the proper techniques.

Our team is well-trained in the best practices for cleaning healthcare facilities as outlined by the CDC. We educate our staff on the procedures necessary to disinfect, sanitize, and clean with care, and to identify any potential health hazards within the area.

To do this, we remove all items within the rooms and return them only after they have been disinfected and sanitized, and we do a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization of the necessary surfaces.

This process can help reduce the risk of infections and communicable diseases within a medical facility. In addition, terminal cleaning has become more necessary than ever in recent months, when services like COVID-19 cleaning are in high demand.

Get Expert Post-Construction Cleaning Today

When your cleanup matters, partnering with the right team makes all the difference. At BriTen Janitorial, we pride ourselves on being the foremost experts in post-construction cleaning. Our team strives to go above and beyond with every project to ensure that every surface of your facility is clean.

Whether you simply need a rough and final clean, or you want a thorough terminal cleaning as well, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer, or get a free estimate for your commercial cleaning needs.