For many businesses around the country, the workplace never ceased activity in the midst of the pandemic. Essential services continued to operate to keep our society functional.

While many companies continue to operate remotely, it is possible for some to start working on location again, for the first time in months. People will be gathering together in offices, retails stores, factories, and gyms.

It’s vital that these buildings are regularly cleaned. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Businesses need to hire professional COVID-19 cleaning services. This is the only way to ensure their buildings and employees are as safe as possible. Specialized equipment, training, and cleaning products are required to guarantee satisfactory cleaning and prevent the virus from spreading.

If your workplace is already in operation or will be resuming work on location soon, you should be aware of all the ways COVID 19 commercial cleaning will benefit your business.

How COVID-19 Spreads

When it comes to keeping our buildings clean and safe, it’s helpful to understand how COVID-19 spreads. The virus is extremely contagious. The problem is that people can be asymptomatic, meaning they can carry the virus for up to 14 days before showing symptoms.

Your employees or customers can feel perfectly fine and decide to come into your business. But they may not realize they are actually infected by the virus. They have the potential of spreading the virus to everything they touch and everyone they’re near.

The virus can live on surfaces for 5 days or more, depending on the material. Metal and glass show the virus living for 5 days, while plastic and wood may house the virus for 2 to 4 days.

Being very careful about what you touch is important. Even more important is how often businesses are cleaning and killing the virus in their workplaces. COVID-19 cleaning guidelines share that businesses are responsible for preventing the spread of the virus at work.

How Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Works

Cleaning your workplace and killing a virus are 2 different things. COVID-19 cleaning for offices goes far beyond sanitizing services with disinfectant wipes.

If you rely on people simply wiping down frequently used surfaces, you are missing many of the areas the virus may be hiding. For a virus-free office, you need every square inch of your building cleaned. This is only possible with commercial equipment.

With COVID-19 commercial cleaning, wiping surfaces is part of the cleaning process. But the addition of fogging treatments and spraying are also utilized.

Proper wiping of surfaces utilizes professional-grade cleaning products. These are far superior to disinfectants found on the shelves. Wiping is effective when the cleaning product can dwell on the surface for some time before wiping.

Fogging is a technique that sprays a fine mist to fill a room. This allows for the disinfection of every corner, such as on the walls, ceilings, floor, and everywhere between. It is also used to clean air ducts.

Spraying is a technique that coats surfaces with a wet cleaning solution and is allowed to dry. And utilizing all these techniques ensures your buildings, employees, and customers are as safe as possible.

Other Benefits of COVID-19 Cleaning Services

When having your facilities professionally treated for COVID-19, you are also benefitting in a number of other ways as well. For starters, your building will be cleaner and safer than ever before.

COVID-19 aside, nasty symptoms are the results of other bacteria and viruses. There are more than 200 different viruses that can be hiding out somewhere in your office.

As your entire buildings are treated with multiple techniques, you are fighting these other viruses and bacteria. On top of that, since air ducts and vents can also be disinfected, the air flowing through your facilities is also safer.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services Near Me: BriTen Janitorial

BriTen Janitorial is located in North Augusta, South Carolina. We provide custom commercial cleaning solutions for any business. We also specialize in viral remediation and professional disinfection for all businesses.

Our company is a member of APIC (the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology). All of our employees are certified in infection control and prevention. We take COVID-19 seriously and will ensure your business is disinfected properly.

We use digital technology to actually detect the biological material present on surfaces. You’ll be surprised at some of the readings we are able to show you. We are also able to verify that surfaces have in fact been properly cleaned.

And we fight COVID-19 with the use of BioProtect 500, a professional-grade, EPA-approved cleaner.

Not Just Sanitizing, but Protecting

Traditional disinfectants are not able to protect the surface after the solution has dried. Once dry, bacteria and viruses can continue to spread.

With BioProtect 500, we are not simply disinfecting surfaces for a moment. We are also protecting them. BioProtect 500 keeps the best properties of disinfectants for up to 90 days.

When applied, the solution forms a protective coating on surfaces. This coating forms a bed of nails that destroys microorganisms when they come in contact with it. And the best part is that we can provide this protection without the use of heavy metals or poisonous substances.

Cleaned this way, your buildings will be ready to use right away. The powerful coating, while able to break up bacteria cells, is not able to harm cells in humans or other mammals.

When we clean your buildings, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting long-term protection.

COVID-19 Cleaning Services Augusta

COVID-19 and its effects aren’t going away any time soon. As we continue to operate businesses across the country, our responsibility to keep our buildings and our people safe isn’t going to stop.

If anything, the expectations to fight and prevent the spread of viruses is going to increase. The best thing you can do is start having your building professionally cleaned.

For those in Augusta, BriTen Janitorial is here for you. Contact us for a free estimate for COVID-19 cleaning services today.